Saturday, February 22, 2014

High Speed Photography Capturing The Moment

High speed photography is taking images, using incredibly quick shutter speeds. These pictures can capture movement which is too quick for the eye to see. High-speed photography is used for many sports events, and can capture a hummingbird’s wings, or even a water droplet.

Set up, and synchronization are very important elements for successful high-speed pictures. Shutter speed, flash, and film speed are the variables used. There are expensive cameras made specifically for high speed photography, but you can also use a DSLR camera as well.

The Materials Needed For High Speed Photography Are:

Camera – A basic SLR camera can be used to create high speed photographs. The more manual settings the camera has, the more you can manipulate shutter speed for the success of your photos.You must be able to synchronize shutter speed and flash, for successful exposure of the film. Camera tripods are also helpful in high-speed photography shoots.

External Flash – The flash illuminates the object to be captured. The shorter the burst of light flash is, the better the exposure will look.The goal is for the flash to go off exactly when the event to be captured is happening. This is such a short amount of time, that the quicker flash is better, to keep pace with the shutter speed.

Controller with a Sensor OR Time Machine – A controller is necessary to indicate when the flash should go off. You can make your own to set off an electronic flash, with certain triggers such as a clap, light, motion, or electrical signals


Buy a Time Machine which can be programmed to set the flash for certain intervals automatically for convenience. High Speed

High Speed Splash Photography

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Capturing A Moment That Our Eyes Do Not See.

Is quite an amazing thing.

Scientists use high speed photography and time-lapse photography in their studies, to show exactly how things that we cannot see, really work. Some cameras are set up with motion sensors to track wildlife, or migration patterns.

The Reason Why High Speed Photographs Are Interesting:

Very detailed in time and process, and may explain why we see what we see.

In sports, high-speed photos are nice, because they may capture the winning kick, or show the highest jump. Imagine being able to do this yourself.

Capturing A Millisecond Can Be Accomplished.

Without a lot of expensive extras. With a subject, a place to work, a camera and flash, You can create your own studio. High speed photographs are definitely conversation pieces, and among the most interesting to view.

Why Consider High Speed Photography? It is very rewarding Take the same photographs like a pro. You may need to take many shots. If you have the basic materials, precision and patience, you have what it takes to succeed in taking high speed photographs.

Evan Sharboneau High Speed Photography Evan Sharboneau High Speed Photography

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