Saturday, February 22, 2014

Want to learn the secrets of trick photography

Want to learn the secrets of trick photography? Read below Have you ever wondered how to create mind-blowing photographic illusions with basic photographic equipment? Trick photography is the name of the technique for making these awesome images often seen in magazines, movies and around the internet. Our group of friends has been interested in digital photography for a long time and recently we became inspired to uncover the secrets behind trick photography, so we headed over to Google. The best info we found was in the ebook, “Trick Photography And Special Effects” by Evan Sharboneau. This wonderful 300 page book contains easily followed and detailed instructions on how to create incredible trick photos for yourself using simple digital photography technique. The other night we started to use the instructions from the ebook and had tons of fun in the process, taking long exposure images and waving around little lights in the dark, as you can see in our images.

Trick Photography And Special Effects by Evan Sharboneau is an ebook for everyone who wants to learn trick photography in a quick and easy way. His goal was to write a book in which he could share his knowledge with those who want to take stunning photographs without taking expensive college classes or having to purchase expensive equipment. A few years ago Sharboneau had been bitten by the photography bug, but didn’t have money to spend on education. His burning desire to know how to take trick photographs and his interest in photography forced him to explore the possibilities of his old DSLR camera. Over the years he taught himself lots of techniques and created many stunning images. After getting plenty of positive feedback on his work, he thought it was time to share his knowledge and to reveal the secrets of trick photography to other photographers. His ebook contains techniques, tips about equipment, many image examples and video tutorials.

You can see the book for yourself HERE.

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